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Project Description
The LobsterPot HTML5 PivotViewer is a cross browser, cross platform version of the Silverlight PivotViewer control produced by Microsoft. Created by LobsterPot Solutions the control has been written as jQuery plug-in and utilises features available in HTML5.

PivotViewer is a data visualisation tool that quickly allows users to see data as a collection of Trading Cards or Tiles. It allows users to see their data, filter it, sort it and identify relationships. It’s best described as a data exploration tool.
The combination of Trading Cards and metadata is commonly referred to as a Collection which is defined in an XML format called CXML.

For more info on getting started please see the documentation.

Example collections

Known issues

  • Support for larger Deep Zoom images (levels that require stitching multiple images together)
  • Zoom and Pan on Graph View
  • Zoom and Pinch Zoom on Grid view has minor issue with location
  • Numeric and Date facet types

Additional Information

Please contact for more information on licencing and implementation services or @Roger_Noble via twitter.

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