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Unable to get property 'length' of undefined or null reference


Not sure if this is an issue with me or not.

Been playing with LobsterPot PivotViewer, for a few days now. Using MVC 4.

When I click on an image, it zooms in. Click on it again, it zooms out, then when I move the mouse, the hover functions excepts with "Unable to get property 'length' of undefined or null reference."

As far as code goes,
           Loader: new PivotViewer.Models.Loaders.CXMLLoader(cxml)
where cxml is a string containing a reference to a cxml file that works fine with the Silverlight control.

See attachment.

This is frustrating.

I can't get it to fail on the example on the site.

The only thing I believe I have different is my project is using
jQuery 1.8.2
jQuery ui 1.9.2

I've removed jquery 1.82 and JQuery ui 1.9.2 and used the files in the sample code and it still fails, even if I copy and paste the markup from the sample code and use the js files from the sample.

so it isn't working for me under MVC.

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